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The Problem

In response to the rise of orthodoxy within academia,

our goal is to facilitate an environment in which a diversity of viewpoints can be expressed and discussed in an open forum, either in person or virtually, without fear of ostracism. 

HxA is not ...

A political organization. We do not endorse political parties or campaigns nor do we advocate for any one ideology. We simply want to encourage you to feel an "inner permission" to engage openly in dialogue with others on matters that are important to you. 

However ...

As per "The HxA Way,"please: 

  • Make your case with evidence

  • Be intellectually charitable

  • Be intellectually humble 

  • Be constructive

  • Be yourself 

Get to Know Us

EN Headshot.JPG
Joseph T.jpg

Eli Noam, Ph.D. 

Director, Columbia Institute for Tele-Information - Professor, Public Policy and Business Responsibility; Emeritus

Joseph D. Terwilliger, Ph.D.

Professor, Neurobiology (in Psychiatry, in Genetics and Development, and in the Sergievsky Center)

Anthony Rispo

Psychology, School of General Studies
Research Assistant,

The Muhle Lab, NYSPI

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